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Five Reasons Not To "DIY" Your Next Event

Ever since Pandora, Spotify, YouTube and other streaming services have been making it easier to create custom playlists, several people think DJ’s are no longer a necessity at their event. They think, "Well, I can save some extra cash if I just create a playlist on Spotify." It's just that simple, right? Wrong. If you are deciding to DIY (DJ-It-Yourself) at your next event or party, you may be in for a big surprise.

Please hire a professional!

Here are 5 reasons why:

1. Sound Quality Will Not Be The Same

Professional DJs are experts when it comes to audio. DJs mainly use professional services like record pools and create their own mixes with high quality MP3s. If you decide to DIY, you could be using corrupted audio files, audio with random drops or low quality MP3s. Sound quality is really important to the vibe of the event and low quality music will definitely kill the mood.

2. Your iPod can’t read the crowd

Speaking of mood... having a sense of the audience and overall vibe is crucial. Experienced DJs can read the floor and change up music at the drop of a dime. It's well worth your investment to hire a professional who can fill the floor and rescue the vibe.

3. Lack of coordinating important announcements

A well-organized party will have key points and a timeline of events. Your guests need to be informed on what's coming up next. A professional DJ has plenty of experience as MC. When provided the plan of events for your party, the DJ can take control so you don’t have to worry about repeatedly announcing on the mic.

Free yourself from the hassle and leave it to the DJ to be the event conductor.

4. Gear quality and backup

Even if you own or rent out speakers for your event to connect with your iPod, if there is a malfunction with the equipment, do you have backup or know how to recover to keep the party going?

Professional DJs have backup equipment. They have been through gear malfunctions, speakers not working and even guests spilling drinks on their equipment. They have probably been through any kind of gear emergency which has made them wise enough to create backup plans.

5. Song collection

Sorry, but this one is simple. You can never beat the music library and selection of DJs. The terabytes of data and endless supply of flash drives speak for themselves. Even with a vast collection of music it is more important to know what to play and when to play it.

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